About SlKB Inc

About SLKB Inc.

Spellas Lengert Kübler Braun Incorporated (“SLKB”) is a local and personal law firm, firmly rooted in Johannesburg, located in the heart of Melville and with strong connections overseas, in particular to Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

The attorneys at SLKB are committed and down to earth - they will roll up their sleeves in order to achieve the best results quickly, confidently and efficiently. SLKB is a true partnership; the firm’s philosophy is that whoever in the firm is best suited for every individual aspect of a client’s matter will do the job. The firm always provides integrated solutions for their clients and, if needs be, makes use of its close links to external specialists in various fields.

SLKB aims to simplify the legal process and provides affordable, high quality advice so their clients can stick to what they do best, while the firm constantly keeps their clients up to date of any developments in their matters. The attorneys of SLKB get to know their clients and assist them in pinpointing legal issues before they become a problem to enable their clients to be more proactive.

Not everyone can afford to hire in-house legal Counsel and even those with deeper pockets do not always have a need for one. The majority of the clients of SLKB get the greatest value from occasional guidance: identifying issues; discussing pending legal matters; and prioritising their needs. So, in order to provide what SLKB feels offers the most flexibility and convenience, the attorneys of SLKB are available whenever their clients need them.

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